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Walking the Walk

We are a bit shy when it comes to words, so we prefer our work to do all the talking. What we can say is that we look at every costumer as a partner, not a purchaser. We want to make something great together with you, as we feel that every great project is a two way street. So check our work, if you like it contact us, and let’s make something together.

I’m Nebojsa, designer

I love travelling, like really love it… chillin’ at a beach, hiking in the mountains, exploring food, culture and the history of a city, meeting new people, you name it and my suitcase is ready. Also I love sports, basketball especially. I grew up in a family where my father was a basketball player, it really grew on me. Also, I follow lots of other sports, football (or soccer if you are reading from the USA), tennis, NFL and athletics etc. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, where we just talk and chill.
I don’t like bats. I really don’t like them.