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Web & Graphic Design

Internet world is changing constantly and it demands from you to keep up with it. Your website is the first impression people will have about your product, together we can make it to be a good one.


Do you stand out from your competition? The differentiator between you and the competitor is your brand. We will make sure to give you that edge in an over populated marketplace.



It is important for a world to hear about you. Making a website is just a first step in expanding your product, and we are offering you marketing tools to make you heard. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Advertising, Social Media Marketing, etc.

Web Content Writing

Each website has a specific target audience and therfore requires different content. We will write your content, not just to speak better to your audience, but also to improve your website’s SEO.




First step is to get to know each other, we want to learn as much as we can about you and about your company. To build a relationship and a solid foundation on which we can make something great. Every project is unique for us, we approach each one differently, trying to get into a soul of it and to develop a strategy that is right for you and your company. We want that your website after launching hits those performance goals we set up on the first meeting.


Idea & Plan

After the initial meetup, we will look through everything said there and we will think about the best solution for your website. Going through every little detail it is from utmost importance to make something successful, therefore we will find a solution for every problem. Constant communication is a key to every good project, and before we go to phase three we will present to you what we have come up with. After we agree on things, the final phase will begin.


Design & Dev

Once the outline of a website is finished, we will create visual concepts of the project. Design will not only be aligned with your goals, but users will be able to readily find the information they need through responsive design. This is most important step because it needs to be precise, creative and distinct so it seperates you from others. After we have made everything we will review it and test it because quality of project is very important for us. After that we can have lift off!